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What's done is done.

Whatever you do, do with all your might.

Whatever you undertake let it be proportioned to your powers.

When a man's mode of life is contemptible, it follows that his preaching is treated with contempt.

When an observation by joke is true, it is out of place and ill-natured.

When fortune deserts us, our friends are nowhere.

When hunger is appeased we can preach the merits of fasting.

When I did well, I heard it never; when I did ill, I heard it ever.

When once at sea, do not long to be on shore. [Be satisfied with your calling in life.]

When one dog barks, another will follow suit.

When one wave leaves, another succeeds.

When one will not, two cannot quarrel.

When rogues fallout, many a secret is revealed.

When spherical bodies can unite and embrace, then there will be friendship amongst the avaricious.

When the battle is over you make your appearance.

When the head aches, all the members suffer with it.

When the head acheth, all the body is the worse.

When the journey is finished to lay up provisions for the journey. [Avaricious old age.]

When the soul hungers, even bitter things taste sweet.

When the tale of bricks is doubled, then Moses makes his appearance.

When the tree is fallen every one runs to it with his axe.

When the tree is fallen, every one goeth to it with his hatchet.

When the war is over then comes help.

When you bargain with a fox, beware of tricks.

When you can avoid it, never seek strife.