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Where art is displayed truth does not appear.

Where bees are, there is honey.

Where curiosity is not the purveyor, detraction will soon be starved.

Where freedom is, there shall my country be.

Where the carcase is, there will the vultures be.

Where the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.

Where the honey, there the bees.

Where the love is, thither turns the eye.

Where there is content there is abundance.

Where there is wealth, friends abound.

Wherein have I erred? What have I done?

Wherever a man dwells, he shall be sure to have a thorn-bush near his door.

Whether he will or no.

While avoiding the smoke I have fallen into the flame.

While between two stools my tail go to the ground.

While life lasts let us enjoy it.

While there is life there is hope.

While we discuss matters, the opportunity passes by.

While we draw we are drawn. [Mutual attraction.]

While we would catch we are caught.

Whilst standing he holds one opinion, whilst sitting another.

Who aims at things beyond his reach, the greater will be his fall.

Who loses honor can lose nothing else.

Who timidly requests invites refusal.

Who would avoid all strife, should be a bachelor.