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Words butter not parsnips.

Words may either conceal character or reveal it.

Work makes the workman.

Works have a stronger voice than words.

Worthless is the advice of fools.

Would you shear a donkey for wool!

Would you take water to the frog?

Wrongdoers and assenting parties are equally punishable.

Years roll on.

Yield to divine power.

You anoint the dead man with salve.

You are but sowing in sand.

You are carrying owls to Athens.

You are comparing a rose to an anemone.

You are looking for wings in a wolf. [You hunt for impossibilities.]

You are more shifting than a potter's wheel.

You are needlessly alarmed.

You are talking to a stone.

You are teaching a fish to swim.

You are teaching iron to swim!

You are what you eat.

You ask the path when the high road is before your eyes.

You attack a horned animal.

You bring your own evil deeds to light.

You can never consider that as your own which can be changed.