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16 Moroccan Proverbs

A stone from the hand of a friend is an apple.

Abundance of money is a trial for a man.

Among walnuts only the empty one speaks.

An agreement is a kind of debt.

An old cat will not learn how to dance.

Either do as your neighbors do, or move away.

If a man leaves little children behind him, it is as if he did not die.

If a man once fall, all will tread on him.

If you are a peg, endure the knocking; if you are a mallet, strike.

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone.

Little by little, the camel goes into the couscous.

The falcon does not struggle when he is caught.

The pumpkin gives birth and the fence has the trouble.

The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love.

The tar of my country is better than the honey of others.

Work and you will be strong; sit and you will stink.