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20 Palestinian Proverbs

Away from the eye, away from the mind.

Do good and throw it in the sea.

Do good if you expect to receive it.

Do not drink from a well and throw a stone into it.

Do not drink poison to quench a thirst.

Every eye has its look.

Every sheep is hung by its own leg.

Nobody will plough the land except its cows.

Nobody's perfect.

The empty gives way to the full.

The eye cannot rise above the eyebrow.

The eye is the one that eats.

The eye of a master does more work than both his hands.

The eye sees, but the hand can't reach.

The eye will often wander The road that love has taught.

The ignorant is his own enemy.

Whatever is written on the forehead is always seen.

Whatever man had done, man may do.

You will not dare mistreat the face you see in the morning.

Your close neighbor is better than your faraway brother.