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57 Persian Proverbs

If a man would live in peace, he should be blind, deaf, and dumb.

If fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your tooth.

If one has to jump a stream and knows how wide it is, he will not jump. If he does not know how wide it is, he will jump, and six times out of ten he will make it.

If the teacher be corrupt, the world will be corrupt.

Luck is infatuated with the efficient.

No lamp burns till morning.

One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.

Taking the first step with the good thought, the second with the good word, and the third with the good deed, I enter paradise.

The best memory is that which forgets nothing but injuries. Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust.

The best mode of instruction is to practise what we preach.

The best of friends must part.

The best of men are but men at best.

The blind man is laughing at the bald head.

The doctor must heal his own bald head.

The loveliest of faces are to be seen by moonlight, when one sees half with the eye and half with the fancy.

The wise man sits on the hole in his carpet.

Thinking is the essence of wisdom.

Use your enemy's hand to catch a snake.

Walls have mice and mice have ears.

What is brought by the wind will be carried away by the wind.

Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue.

Whatever you sow, you reap.

When the cat and mouse agree, the grocer is ruined.

Who does not beat his own child will later beat his own breast.

You can't pick up two melons with one hand.