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595 Portuguese Proverbs

A bad knife cuts one's finger instead of the stick.

A barking dog was never a good hunter.

A barley corn is better than a diamond to a cock.

A beard lathered is half shaved.

A beard once washed is half shaven.

A beggar's wallet is never full.

A bustling mother makes a slothful daughter.

A contented ass enjoys a long life.

A dead man does not speak.

A dog in the manger, that neither eats nor lets others eat.

A dull ass near home trots without the stick.

A fast horse does not want the spur.

A fault confessed is half forgiven.

A fault confessed is half redressed.

A finger's length in a sword, and a palm in a lance, are a great advantage.

A friend is to be taken with his faults.

A friend's fault should be known but not abhorred.

A full man is no eater.

A girl, a vineyard, an orchard, and a bean-field, are hard to watch.

A good cock was never fat.

A good thing is known when it is lost.

A good thing is soon caught up.

A good word quenches more than a cauldron of water.

A good year is determined by its spring.

A goose cannot graze after him.