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595 Portuguese Proverbs

Hard upon hard does not make a good wall.

He avoided the fly and swallowed the spider.

He buys very dear who begs.

He doubts nothing who knows nothing.

He has a head, and so has a pin.

He has nothing who is not content with what he has.

He has nothing, for whom nothing is enough.

He is an old saint, any may leave it in the hands of God.

He is no friend that eats his own by himself, and mine with me.

He is no great heir that inherits not his ancestor's virtues.

He is your friend who gets you out of a scrape.

He keeps his road well enough who gets rid of bad company.

He never was a friend who ceased to be so for a slight cause.

He should not complain of being cheated who buys the cloth by the sample.

He that does ill never wants for excuses.

He that will, does more that he that can.

He that would be old long must begin betimes.

He that would keep his eye sound must tie up his hand.

He threatens many who affronts one.

He threatens who is afraid.

He who has a glass roof must not throw stones at his neighbour's.

He who has a good next, finds good friends.

He who has four and spends five, has no need of a purse.

He who is well prepared has won the battle.

He who knows little soon blabs it.