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595 Portuguese Proverbs

He who make more of you than he is wont, either means to cheat you or wants you.

He who makes one basket can make a hundred.

He who would catch fish must not mind wetting himself.

He who would catch fish, must not mind getting wet.

Hedgehogs are not to be killed with the fist.

Honey is not for the ass's mouth.

Honour a good man that he may honour you, and a bad man that he may not dishonour you.

Honour and profit will not keep in one sack.

How did you rear so many children? By being fondest of the little ones.

Hunger and cold surrender a man to his enemy.

I am on good terms with the friend who eats his bread with me.

I hate fetters though they be of gold.

I have nothing for dinner, sit down to table.

I kiss thee hide, because thou art to be a wine-bag.

I meant to cross myself and put out one of my eyes.

I renounce the friend who eats what is mine with me, and what is his own by himself.

I renounce the golden basin in which I have to spit blood.

I saw a man, who saw another man, who saw the sea.

I see by my daughter's face when the devil lays hold of my son-in-law.

I want more for my teeth than for my relations.

If a poor man gives to you, he expects more in return.

If a rich man ate a snake, they would say it was because of his wisdom.

If you have a friend who is a physician, send him to your enemy's house.

If you know what a dollar is worth, try to borrow it.

If you laugh to-day, you will cry to-morrow.