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595 Portuguese Proverbs

King's entreaties are commands.

Kings have long arms.

Laws go where dollars please.

Laws go where money pleases.

Lay your hand on your bosom and you will not speak ill of another.

Layovers for meddlers.

Lean meat from a fat pig.

Let every man look to the bread upon which he must depend.

Let every man mind his own business, and leave others to theirs.

Let every one be content with what God has given him.

Let every sheep hand by its own leg.

Let him eat the tough morsel who eat the tender.

Let not him that has a mouth ask another to blow.

Let not the bottom of your purse or of your mind be seen.

Let the dog bark at me, so he don't bite me.

Let the giver be silent and the receiver speak.

Like father, like son.

Like king, like law; like law, like people.

Little chips kindle fire, and big logs sustain it.

Live to live and you will learn to live.

Love has no law.

Love knows no law.

Lovers' quarrels are love redoubled.

Lying pays no tax.

Mad as a wet hen.