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595 Portuguese Proverbs

Much coin, much care.

Much cry and little wool.

Much laughter, little wit.

Much law, but little justice.

Much meat, much maladies.

Much straw and little corn.

My chest locked, my soul safe.

My life and soul at your service, but not the pack-saddle.

My money, your money, let us go to the tavern.

Neither handsome enough to kill nor ugly enough to frighten away.

Neither trust or contend, nor lay wagers or lend, and you'll have peace to your end.

Never cut what can be untied.

Never mention a rope in the house of a thief.

Never mention rope in the house of a man who has been hanged.

Never say, of this water I will not drink, of this bread I will not eat.

No one has seen to-morrow.

No one is a good judge in his own cause.

No one is always right.

No one is content with his lot.

No one is poor but he who thinks himself so.

No woman is ugly if she is well dressed.

No word is ill spoken, that is not ill taken.

No. 1 is the first house in the row.

Not all that is true is to be spoken.

Of evils, choose the least.