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595 Portuguese Proverbs

Of oil, wine, and friends, the oldest.

Of soup and love, the first is the best.

Of the good man a good pledge, and of the bad neither pledge nor surety.

Of two cowards, the one who attacks conquers the other.

One bird in the hand is worth two flying.

One grain does not full the granary, but it helps its companion.

One wolf does not kill another.

One wrong submitted to, another follows.

One year's seeding makes seven years weeding.

Open your purse, and I will open my mouth.

Other times, other counsels.

Pay what you owe, you will get well of your malady.

Peace with a cudgel in hand is war.

Pigs in the cold and men in drink make a great noise.

Play with an ass, and he will slap your face with his tail.

Poverty never sped well in love.

Poverty parteth friends.

Pray to the saint until you have passed the slough.

Prepare a nest for the hen and she will lay eggs for you.

Promising is not giving, but serves to content fools.

Rather a husband with one eye than with one son.

Rather go rob with good men than pray with bad.

Rather lose the wool than the sheep.

Right or wrong, our house up to the roof.

Rise early, and you will observe; labour, and you will have.