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595 Portuguese Proverbs

The guests will go away, and we will eat the pasty.

The headache is mine and the cows are ours.

The hen that stays at home picks up the crumbs.

The hen's eyes turn to where she has her eggs.

The horse's best allowance is his master's eye.

The key at the girdle keeps me good and my neighbour too.

The king of the bees has no sting.

The lame goat does not take a siesta.

The law devised, its evasion contrived.

The lazy servant takes eight steps to avoid one.

The loss which your neighbour does not know is no real loss.

The loudest bark rids not a dog of his fleas.

The mad dog bites its master.

The malady that is more incurable is folly.

The man of sense does not hang up his knowledge.

The man of your own trade is your enemy.

The mare's kicks are caresses to the colt.

The master orders the man, the man orders the cat, and the cat orders her tail.

The mouth that says "Yes," can say "No."

The nest made, the bird dead.

The old saints are forgotten in the new.

The one-eyes is a king in the land of the blind.

The only good Indian is a dead Indian.

The ox that tossed me threw me into a good place.

The poor man eats at double cost.