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595 Portuguese Proverbs

There is no pleasure that does not pall, the more so if it costs nothing.

There is plenty of corn in Castile, but he who has none, starves.

There is reason in the roasting of eggs.

There's no catching trouts with dry breeches.

There's no compassion like the penny.

There's no handsome woman on the wedding day, except the bride.

There's no living without friends.

Think of many things, do one.

Thinking is not knowing.

Thinking of where you are going, you forget whence you came.

Third time is the charm.

Third time lucky.

Third time pays for all.

Though the heron flied high the falcon kills it.

Though the mastiff be gentle, yet bite him not by the lip.

Though we are negroes, we are men, and have souls.

Though we may pluck flowers by the way we may not sleep among flowers.

Though your mastiff be gentle, do not bite his lip.

Threads do not break for being fine, but for being gouty and ill-spun.

Threatened folks eat bread.

Three brothers, three fortresses.

Three or four daily will bring you to the bottom of the sack.

Time and the hour are not to be tied with a rope.

Times passes like the wind.

Times tries a'.