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595 Portuguese Proverbs

To a hasty question a leisurely answer.

To be slow in giving ant to refuse, are alike.

To change one's habits smacks of death.

To give is honour, to beg is dishonour.

To love and be wise is incompatible.

To promise much means giving little.

To sell honey to one who keeps hives.

To separate the men from the boys.

To the bold man Fortune holds out her hand.

To the lean pig a fat acorn.

Too much familiarity breeds contempt.

Too much wax burns the church.

Trust not a dog that limps.

Trust not a horse's heels.

Trust not a new friend or an old enemy.

Trust not tow with firebrands, not a woman with men.

Truth and oil come to the surface.

Two eyes see more than one.

Under a shabby cloak may be a smart drinker.

Under fair words beware of fraud.

Under the sackcloth there is something else.

Vile let him be who deems himself vile.

Visits always give pleasure, if not the arrival, the departure.

War is sweet to him who does not go to it.

Water washes everything.