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595 Portuguese Proverbs

Every ant has its ire.

Every cock is valiant on his own dunghill.

Every cock will crow upon his own dunghill.

Every fly has its shadow.

Every land to its own custom, every wheel its own spindle.

Every man to his trade.

Every one is a king in his own house.

Every one is wise for his own profit.

Every one reaps as he sows.

Every one sings as he has the gift, and marries as he has the luck.

Every one speaks as he is.

Every one speaks of the feast as he finds it.

Every one to his equal.

Every one to his liking.

Every peddler praises his own needles.

Every pig has it Martinmas.

Everybody's friend or nobody's friend, is all one.

Everything has its time.

Faintheart is always in danger.

Fair and softly goes far in a day.

Favour oft avails more than justice or reason.

Feet accustomed to go cannot be still.

Feign death and the bull will leave you.

Follow the road and you will reach an inn.

Fools sometimes give wise men counsel.