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595 Portuguese Proverbs

Give orders, and do no more, and nothing will be done.

Go not with every ailment to the doctor, nor with every plaint to lawyer.

Go not with every hunger to the cupboard, nor with every thirst to the pitcher.

Go to bed late, rise early, you will see your own harm and that of others.

Go to bed without supper, you will rise without debt.

Go to your rich friend's house when invited; to your poor friend's without invitation.

God gives clothes according to the cold.

God grant me to dispute with those who understand me.

God has given nuts to one who has no teeth.

God heals, and the doctor gets the money.

God permits, but not for ever.

Good and bad make up a city.

Good and quickly seldom meet.

Good fruit never comes from a bad tree.

Good habits result from resisting temptation.

Good is the delay which makes sure.

Good management is better than good income.

Good manners and plenty of money will make my son a gentlemen.

Good men are scarce.

Good table, bad will.

Good take heed doth surely speed.

Good talk saves the food.

Good things come in small packages.

Good wind needs no bush.

Good words and bad acts deceive both wise and wimple.