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A bad compromise is better than a successful suit.

A bad day never hath a good night.

A bad excuse is better than none.

A bad labour, and a daughter after all.

A bad man's gift is like his master.

A bad mother wishes for good children.

A bad thing never dies.

A bad wound may be cured, bad repute kills.

A barking dog was never a good biter.

A bespattered hog tries to bespatter another.

A blind man's stroke, which raises a dust from beneath water.

A blind man's wife needs no paint.

A blow from a frying-pan, if it does not hurt, smuts.

A blow with a reed makes a noise but hurts not.

A boaster and a liar are cousins.

A boy's love is water in a sieve.

A buffeting threatened is never well given.

A bully is always a coward.

A buxom widow must be married, buried, or cloistered.

A child of a year old sucks milk from the heel.

A covetous abbot for one offering loses a hundred.

A cracked bell will never be sound.

A crazy vessel never falls from the hand.

A daily guest is a thief in the kitchen.

A determined heart will not be counselled.