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Entreaty and right do the deed.

Even the best writer has to erase.

Every cock crows on his own dunghill.

Every cock is proud on his own dung hill.

Every country has its custom.

Every fool is pleased with his bauble.

Every law is broken to become a king.

Every man is a fool in some man's opinion.

Every man is the son of his own works.

Every man should support himself, and not hang upon another.

Every one feels the cold according as he is clad.

Every one in his own house, and God in all men's.

Every one is wise when the mischief is done.

Every one sneezes as God pleases.

Every one speaks of the fair as he himself finds it.

Every one wishes to bring water to his own mill, and leave his neighbour's dry.

Every potter praises his pot, especially if cracked.

Everybody's friends and nobody's friend is all one.

Everything in its season, and turnips in Advent.

Expect not at another's hand what you can do by your own.

Fall sick, and you will see who is your friend and who not.

Fancy surpasses beauty.

Fast as the hare runs, the greyhound outruns her, since he catches her.

Feet that are used to move cannot remain quiet.

Fire and love do not say "Go to your work."