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Friday pretexts for not fasting (meaning pleas of indisposition for not eating fish.)

Friendship broken may be soldered, but never made whole.

From a fallen tree, all make kindling.

From a praying young man, and a fasting old man, God preserve my cloak.

From a silent man, and a dog that does not bark, deliver us.

From a silent person remove your dwelling.

From long journeys long lies.

From my gossip's bread a large piece for my godson.

From smooth water God preserve me, from rough I will preserve myself.

From snow, whether baked or boiled, you will get nothing but water.

From that dust comes this mud.

Gifts break (or dissolve) rocks.

Give a clown your foot, and he'll take your hand.

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

Give a traitor good words and you make him loyal.

Give me a seat, and I will make myself room to lie down.

Give me the ass that carries me in preference to the horse that throws me.

Give orders and do no more, and nothing will come of it.

Giving alms never lessens the purse.

Go in God's name, for he takes a loaf of mine.

Go not every evening to your brother's house.

Go not with every ailment to the doctor, with every plea to the lawyer, or with every thirst to the can.

Go to bed supperless and you will wake without debt.

Go to bed with the lamb, and rise with the lark.

Go to friends for advice; to women for pity; to strangers for charity; to relatives for nothing.