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Go to your aunt's house, but not every day.

God cures, and the doctor takes the fee.

God defend you from the devil, the eye of a harlot, and the turn of a die.

God delays but doesn't forget.

God does not smite with both hands.

God gives almonds to one who has no teeth.

God gives wings to the ant that she may perish the sooner.

God grant me to argue with those who understand me.

God grant me to contend with those that understand me.

God grant you good fortune, my son, for knowledge avails you little.

God grant, dear wife, that this son be ours.

God helps the early riser.

God keep you from "It is too late."

God made us, and we admire ourselves.

God makes the back to the burden.

God take you, pound (of flax), drunk out and not yet spun.

God will listen to you whatever cloak you wear.

God will provide, but a good bundle of straw will not be amiss.

God writes straight with crooked lines.

God, healeth, and the physician hath the thanks.

Good is the fowl which another rears.

Good luck makes its way in by elbowing.

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.

Good wine needs no crier.

Good words and bad deeds deceive both wise and simple.