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Good words and no deeds are rushes and reeds.

Good words fill not a sack.

Good, good, good, but God keep my ass out of his rye.

Good, that comes too late, is good as nothing.

Happy the house in which there is no shaven crown.

Have a bill to pay at Easter, and your Lent will be short.

He buys well who is not called a donkey.

He can do but little who cannot threaten another.

He cannot find water in the sea.

He did not invent gunpowder.

He does not a little who burns his house: he frightens the rats, and warms himself.

He expects to find water at the first stroke of the spade.

He falls into the pit who leads another into it.

He gathers up ashes and scatters flour.

He goes safely to trial whose father is a judge.

He has much to do who would please everybody.

He is a great simpleton who starves himself to feed another.

He is always right who suspects that he makes mistakes.

He is blind enough who cannot see through a sieve.

He is in safety who rings the tocsin.

He is out of danger who rings the alarm-bell.

He is your friend who gets you out of a fray.

He knows it as well as his Lord's Prayer.

He loses his market who has nothing to sell.

He that does not lie, does not come of good blood.