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He that eats his fowl alone may saddle his horse alone.

He that eats the king's geese shall be choked with the feathers.

He that has a good harvest must be content with a few thistles.

He that has an hour's start will not be hanged.

He that has an ill name is half hanged.

He that has no ill luck grows weary of good luck.

He that is more civil than usual, either wants to cozen you or has need of you.

He that is not gallant at twenty, strong at thirty, rich at forty, or experienced at fifty, will never be gallant, strong, rich, or prudent.

He that is not sensible of his loss has lost nothing.

He that makes one basket can make a hundred.

He that minds his business at home, will not be accused of taking part in the fray.

He that neglects time, time will neglect.

He that stirs honey will have some of it stick to him.

He that ties well, unties well.

He that trusts a faithless friend, has a good witness against him.

He that will not when he can, cannot when he will.

He that will not when he may, when he will he shall have nay.

He that would be healthy must wear his winter clothes in summer.

He that would be healthy, must eat temperately, and sup early.

He that would have a beautiful wife should choose her on a Saturday.

He to whom God gives no sons, the devil gives nephews.

He who always tells me a lie never cheats me.

He who asks the fewest favours is the best received.

He who at thirty has no brains, will never purchase an estate.

He who at twenty understands nothing, at thirty knows nothing, and at forty has nothing, will lead a wretched old age.