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He who avoids the temptation avoids the sin.

He who begins badly, ends badly.

He who builds a house, or marries, is left with a lank purse.

He who buts a horse buys care.

He who buys and sells does not feel what he spends.

He who catches one fish is a fisherman.

He who comes first grinds first.

He who dances well goes from wedding to wedding.

He who delays, gathers.

He who denies everything confesses everything.

He who divides gets the worst share.

He who does good to you either dies or goes away.

He who does no more than another is no better than another.

He who does not honour his wife, dishonours himself.

He who does not look before lags behind.

He who does not mix with the crowd knows nothing.

He who does not pick up a pin cares nothing for his wife.

He who does not repair his gutter has a whole house to repair.

He who does not show himself, is overlooked.

He who does not speak, God does not hear.

He who does not tire, achieves.

He who does not whip the child does not mend the youth.

He who does what he likes, does not what he ought.

He who doubts nothing knows nothing.

He who dresses ion others' clothes will be undressed on the highway.