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He who eats alone chokes alone.

He who eats and puts by, has sufficient for two meals.

He who eats the meat let him pick the bone.

He who finds fault wants to buy.

He who gives to the public, gives to no one.

He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.

He who goes far from home to marry, goes either to deceive or be deceived.

He who goes with wolves learns to howl.

He who grasps all loses all.

He who grasps at much holds fast little.

He who greases his cart-wheels helps his oxen.

He who greases his wheels, helps his oxen.

He who hangs out a branch wants to sell his wine.

He who has a bad wife can expect no happiness that can be so called.

He who has a good wife can bear any evil.

He who has a handsome wife, a castle on the frontier, or a vineyard on the roadside, is never without war.

He who has a son grown up should not call another a thief.

He who has a tongue goes to Rome.

He who has a trade may travel through the world.

He who has been first a novice and then an abbot, knows what the boys do behind the altar.

He who has been stung by the scorpion is frightened at its shadow.

He who has both money and bread, may choose with whom his daughter to wed.

He who has but one coat cannot lend it.

He who has daughters to marry, let him give them silk to spin.

He who has enemies, let him not sleep.