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A devotee's face, and a cat's claws.

A fast day is the eve of a feast day.

A father's love, for all other is air.

A fifth wheel to a cart is but an encumbrance.

A fool sometimes gives good counsel.

A fool, if he holds his tongue, passes for wise.

A fool, unless he know Latin, is never a great fool.

A fortress on its guard is not surprised.

A fortunate man may be anywhere.

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.

A full belly is neither good for flight, nor for fighting.

A girl draws more than a rope.

A good heart breaks bad fortune.

A good hope is better than a bad possession.

A good life defers wrinkles.

A good listener is a silent flatterer.

A good name covers theft.

A good paymaster is keeper of other men's purses.

A good paymaster needs no security.

A good thing lost is a good thing valued.

A good word extinguishes more than a pailful of water.

A grain does not fill a sieve, but it helps its fellow.

A grand eloquence, little conscience.

A great lance-thrust to a dead Moor.

A great leap gives a great shake.