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He who has got four and spends five, has no occasion for a purse.

He who has lost his oxen is always hearing bells.

He who has lost his reputation is a dead man among the living.

He who has no head wants no hat.

He who has no house of his own is everywhere at home.

He who has no voice in the valley, will have none in the council.

He who has no wife, is for thrashing her daily; but he that has one, takes care of her.

He who has servants has unavoidable enemies.

He who has sheep has fleeces.

He who has shipped the devil, must carry him over the sound.

He who has to deal with a blockhead has need of much brains.

He who has two masters to serve must lie to one of them.

He who helps everybody, helps nobody.

He who is everybody's friend is either very poor or very rich.

He who is feared gets more than his own.

He who is in the mud likes to get another into it.

He who is silent gains store.

He who keeps his own secret avoids much mischief.

He who knows little soon tells it.

He who laid a snare for me has fallen into it.

He who lives a long life must pass through much evil.

He who lives in hopes, breakfasts ill and sups worse.

He who looks demurely trust not with your money.

He who loves Bertrand loves his dog.

He who loves me loves my dog too.