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He who loves Peter won't harm his dog.

He who loves well is slow to forget.

He who loves well, obeys well.

He who made fun of the old man, laughed at first and cried afterwards.

He who makes a law should keep it.

He who makes light of his enemy dies by his hand.

He who marries ill, is long in becoming widowed.

He who marrieth does well, but he who marrieth not, better.

He who measures oil greases his hands.

He who peeps through a hole will discover his dole.

He who pledges or promises runs in debt.

He who pours water hastily into a bottle spills more than goes in.

He who promises incurs a debt.

He who receives the offerings let him ring the bells.

He who reforms, God assists.

He who remains in the mill grinds, not he who goes to and fro.

He who rides behind another does not saddle when he will.

He who saves, finds.

He who says what he likes, hears what he don't like.

He who seeks, finds.

He who serves is not free.

He who serves many masters must neglect some of them.

He who sleeps much, learns little.

He who sows brambles must not go barefoot.

He who sows brambles reaps thorns.