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If you wish to be well served, serve yourself.

If you would acquire fame, let not the sun shine on you in bed.

If you would be pope, you must think of nothing else.

If you would be well served, serve yourself.

If you would live healthy, be old early.

If you would make a thief honest, trust him.

Ill luck enters by fathoms and departs by inches.

Ill-luck upon ill-luck, and a stone for a pillow.

In a smith's house the knife is wooden.

In a wood don't walk behind another.

In frosty weather a nail is worth a horse.

In hunting and in love you begin when you like and leave off when you can.

In less than a thousand years we shall all be bald.

In my own house I am a king.

In the bagpiper's house they are all dancers.

In the garden more grows, than the gardener sows.

In the report, of riches and goodness always bate one half.

In the rich woman's house she always commands; he never.

Ingratitude is the daughter of pride.

Invite your son-in-law to a fowl, and he will take away the lemon.

It fares ill with the house where the spinning-wheel commands the sword.

It goes ill in the house where the hen sings and the cock is silent.

It is a bad hen that eats at your house and lays at another's.

It is a loss of soap to wash the ass's head.

It is a wise son that knows his own father.