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A great man's entreaty is a command.

A great position entails great responsibility.

A hair casts its shadow on the ground.

A handful of motherwit is worth a bushel of learning.

A handsome man is not quite poor.

A handsome woman is either silly or vain.

A hangman is a good trade, he doth his work by daylight.

A house filled with guests is eaten up and ill spoken of.

A house ready built and a vineyard ready planted.

A hundred tailors, a hundred millers, and a hundred weavers, are three hundred thieves.

A hundred years hence we shall all be bald.

A hungry belly listens to no one.

A hungry man discovers more than a hundred lawyers.

A hungry man is an angry man.

A husband with one eye rather than with a son.

A kitchen-dog is never a good rabbit-hunter.

A lame goat will not sleep by day.

A lawsuit for a maravedi consumes a real's worth of paper.

A lazy ox is little the better for the goad.

A lazy youth, a lousy age.

A little gall embitters much honey.

A little loss frightens, a great one tames.

A man forewarned is as good as two.

A man gains nothing by vain glory but contempt and hatred.

A man may hap to bring home with him what makes him weep.