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Moses (i.e. a Jew) does not play because he has not the means.

Mother, marry me, marry me, or the gull will fly away with me.

Mother, what is marrying? Spinning, bearing children, and crying, daughter.

Much talking, much erring.

My daughter-in-law tucked up her sleeves, and upset the kettle into the fire.

My life and soul (are at your service), but not my pack-saddle.

My neighbour's goat gives more milk than mine.

My neighbour's hen lays more eggs than mine.

My sister's son is a kinsman beyond dispute.

My teeth are nearer than my kindred.

My teeth before my relations.

My word is my bond.

Nae man can baith sup an' blaw thegither.

Name not a rope in his house that hanged himself.

Needle and thread are half clothing.

Needs must when the devil drives.

Neither a good friar for friend, nor a bad one for enemy.

Neither handsome enough to kill, nor ugly enough to frighten.

Neither serve one who has been a servant, nor beg of one who has been a beggar.

Neither sign a paper without reading it, nor drink water without seeing it.

Never advise a man to go to the wars, or to marry.

Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry.

Never ask of him who has, but of him you know wishes you well.

Never ask pardon before you are accused.

Never put your thumbs between two grinders.