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Of brothers-in-law and red dogs few are good.

Of evils, the least.

Of other men's leather large thongs.

Of soups and loves the first are the best.

Of the malady a man fears, he dies.

Of your wife and your tried friend believe nothing but what you know for certain.

Old as is the boat it may cross the ferry once.

On a hot day muffle yourself more.

On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy.

On dry land even brackish water is good.

One ass among many monkeys is grinned at by all.

One bee is better than a thousand flies.

One cannot blow and swallow at the same time.

One drink is just right; two is too many; three are too few.

One eye on the frying-pan and the other on the cat.

One falsehood leads to another.

One grievance borne, another follows.

One knavery is met by another.

One love drives out another.

One man beats the bush, another catcheth the bird.

One starts the game and another bags it.

One stroke on the nail and a hundred on the horseshoe.

One trick is met by another.

One volunteer is worth two pressed men.

One wedding brings another.