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One wolf does not bite another.

One's prog does not clog.

Order and do it, and you will be rid of anxiety.

Other folks' cares kill the ass.

Paper and ink and little justice.

Pay what you owe, and be cured of your complaint.

Peace and patience, and death with penitence.

Peralvillo justice: hang a man first and try him afterwards.

Peter is so godly that God does not improve his condition.

Peter pinches me, and I like it.

Play with an ass and he will flirt his tail in your face.

Play with the fool at home, and he will play with you abroad.

Play's gude, while it is play.

Please the eye, and pick the purse.

Please your eye and plague your heart.

Plough deep and you will have plenty of corn.

Plough deep whilst sluggards sleep, And you shall have corn to sell and to keep.

Plough or not plough, you must pay your rent.

Plough wet or dry, and you will not have to kiss your neighbour's breech.

Pluck it from among the thistles, and we will take it off your hands.

Possession and good right, with lance in hand.

Pound the garlic, Pedro, whilst I grate the cheese.

Pour not water on a drowned mouse.

Poverty does not destroy virtue, nor does wealth bestow it.

Poverty is no sin, but it is a branch of roguery.