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Poverty is no sin.

Poverty is not a crime.

Praise yourself, basket, for I want to sell you.

Pray to God, but hammer away.

Prison and Lent were made for the poor.

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Prosperity forgets father and mother.

Put a beggar into your barn and he will make himself your heir.

Rather mulberry than almond. (The almond-tree is in blossom earlier than the mulberry.)

Rats do not play tricks with kittens.

Renounce the devil, and thou shalt wear a shabby coat.

Right or wrong, 'tis our house up to the roof.

Right or wrong, God aid our purpose.

Right overstrained turns to wrong.

Rise early and watch, labour and catch.

Said the frying pay to the kettle, Stand off, black bottom.

Salt split is never all gathered.

Say before they say.

Seat yourself in your place and you will not be made to quit it.

See how he has risen from a mayor to a hangman.

See that you tie so that you can untie.

See, hear, and hold your tongue.

Sell publicly and buy privately.

Sense comes with age.

Serve a lord and you'll know what is grief.