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Talk much, and err much.

Talk of sporting, and buy game in the market.

Talking is easy, action difficult.

Tell a lie, and you will bring out the truth.

Tell her she is handsome, and you will turn her head.

Tell it her once, and the devil will tell it her ten times.

Tell it well, or say nothing.

Tell me who you live with, and I will tell you who you are.

Tell not all you know, nor judge of all you see, if you would live in peace.

Tell your affairs in the market-place, and one will call them black and another white.

Tell your friend a lie; and if he keeps it secret, tell him the truth.

Tell your own story first.

That which covers thee discovers thee.

That which is cheap is dear.

The absent were never in the right.

The account is correct, but not a sixpense appears.

The act of treachery is liked, but not he that does it.

The ant gets wings that she may perish sooner.

The ass dead, the barley at his tail.

The ass knows well in whose face be brays.

The ass of many owners is food for wolves.

The bacon of paradise for the married man that does not repent.

The bad barber leaves neither hair nor skin.

The bad man always suspects knavery.

The bath has sworn not to whiten the blackamoor.