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The beast that goes well is never without some one to try his paces.

The beginning of health is to know the disease.

The best cast at dice is not to play.

The best cloth has uneven threads.

The best cook drops a whole tomato.

The best feed of a horse is his master's eye.

The bow that is always bent slackens or breaks.

The bowels support the heart, and not the heart the bowels.

The boy is father to the man.

The brain, that sows not corn, plants thistles.

The busy fly is in every man's dish.

The busy man is troubled with but one devil, the idle man by a thousand.

The buyer has need of a hundred eyes. the seller but one.

The cask full, the mother-in-law drunk.

The cask smells of the wine it contains.

The cat always leaves her mark upon her friend.

The cat is friendly, but scratches.

The church, the sea, or the royal household, for whoever would thrive.

The cross on his breast, and the devil in his acts.

The cross on his breast, and the devil in his heart.

The day I did not make my toilette, there came to my house one I did not expect.

The day I did not sweep the house, there came to it one I did not expect.

The day you marry 'tis either kill or cure.

The dearest child of all is the dead one.

The deceived sheep that went for wool and came back shorn.