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The devil gets into the belfry by the vicar's skirts.

The devil is so fond of his son that he put out his eye.

The dog that has its bitch in town never barks well.

The dress does not make the friar.

The drowning man is not troubled by rain.

The drunkard and the glutton come to poverty, and drowsiness clothes a man with rags.

The earth hides as it takes, the physician's mistakes.

The envious man's face grows sharp and his eyes big.

The epicure puts his purse into his belly.

The evil which issues from thy mouth falls into thy bosom.

The evil wound is cured, but not the evil name.

The exception proves the rule.

The exception which proves the rule.

The father of a saint, the son of a sinner.

The fault is as great as he that commits it.

The fertile field becomes sterile without rest.

The fierce ox becomes tame on strange ground.

The fire well knows whose cloak burns.

The first drink with water, the second without water, the third like water.

The first duty of a soldier is obedience.

The first faults are theirs that commit them, the second theirs that permit them.

The first wife is a broom, and the second a lady.

The fist loss is the best.

The fox does not do as much mischief in a year as it pays for in an hour.

The fox is knowing, but more knowing he who catches him.