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The fox knows well with whom he plays tricks.

The fox that tarries long is on the watch for prey.

The friar who begs for God begs for two.

The full-fed cow makes company of her tail.

The gallows takes its own.

The gardener's dog, neither full nor hungry.

The gardener's feet do no harm to the garden.

The gentle lamb sucks any ewe as well as its mother; the surly lamb sucks neither its own nor another.

The girl as she is taught, the flax as it is wrought.

The glass-dealer's horses fell out, and he looked on to see which kicked hardest.

The goat can't well cover herself with her tail.

The golden ass passes everywhere.

The gossips fall out and tell each other truths.

The green burns for the dry, and the righteous pay for sinners.

The grey mare is the better horse.

The gutter by dropping wears the stone.

The heart is no traitor.

The hen lays upon an egg.

The honest man enjoys the theft.

The horse thinks one thing, and his rider another.

The horseshoe that clatters wants a nail.

The hunchback does not see his own hump, but sees his companion's.

The Jew ruins himself with passovers, the Moor with wedding feasts, and the Christian with lawsuits.

The keys at the girdle, the dog in the larder.

The king goes as far as he can, not so far as he would.