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The mother who spoils her child, fattens a serpent.

The mother-in-law must be entreated, and the pot must be let stand.

The mountain labored and brought forth a mouse.

The mouse that knows but one hole is soon caught by the cat.

The mouse that only trusts to one poor hole, Can never be a mouse of any soul.

The mouth and the purse, shut.

The mouth that says yes says no.

The oaths of one who loves a woman are not to be believed.

The obscure we see eventually. The completely apparent takes longer.

The official who can't lie may as well be out of the world.

The old for want of ability, and the young for want of knowledge, let things be lost.

The old man at home, and the young abroad, lie after the same fashion.

The old wife, if she does not serve for a pot, serves for a cover.

The one-eyed man is a king in the country of the blind.

The ox comes to the yoke at the call of his feeder.

The ox spoke and said "Moo."

The ox that butted me tossed me into a good place.

The ox without a bell is soon lost.

The paunch warm, the foot sleepy.

The pitcher goes so often to the well, that it leaves its handle or its mouth.

The poor man has his crop destroyed by hail every year.

The poor-houses are filled with the honestest people.

The rat that has but one hole is soon caught.

The rat that knows but one hole is soon caught by the cat.

The rich man transgresses the law, and the poor man is punished.