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The tongue of a bad friend cuts more than a knife.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.

The wages of sin is death.

The wedding feast is not made with mushrooms only.

The well-bred hound, if he does not hunt to-day will hunt to-morrow.

The well-dressed woman draws her husband away from another woman's door.

The well-fed sheep makes a cloak of its tail.

The winter is gone, the spring is come, a fly for those who us good have done.

The wise hand does not all that the tongue says.

The wise knows that he does not know; the ignoramus thinks he knows.

The wise man does not hang his knowledge on a hook.

The wolf and the fox are both in one story.

The wolf changes his teeth but not his disposition.

The wolf commits no mischief at home.

The wolf does that in the course of the week which hinders him from going to mass on Sunday.

The wolf picks up the ass's fleas by moonlight.

The woman in finery, the house in filth, but the doorway swept.

The worst ewe dungs in the milking-pail.

The worst of a lawsuit is that out of one there grow a hundred.

The worst pig gets the best acorn.

The wrong doer is never without a pretext.

There are all honest men, but my cloak is not to be found.

There are eyes that fall in love with bleared ones.

There are more threatened than hurt.

There is little use in watching a bad woman.