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There is luck in leisure.

There is luck in odd numbers.

There is measure in all things.

There is mony a true tale tauld in jest.

There is never a great dunghill at a sportsman's door.

There is no answer for God out of my house, and What have you to do with my wife?

There is no beast so savage but sports with its mate.

There is no better patch than one off the same cloth.

There is no choicer morsel than that which is stolen.

There is no disinterested gift.

There is no house without its hush! hush!

There is no lock, if the pick is of gold.

There is no mother like the mother that bore us.

There is no pleasure but palls, and the more so if it costs nothing.

There is no pot so ugly but finds its cover.

There is no such witness as a good measure of wine.

There is no tax upon lying.

There is no thief without a receiver.

There is no worse apprentice than the one who doesn't want to know.

There is not a pair of ears for every Jew.

There is some distance between Peter and Peter.

There is truth in wine.

There would be no ill word if it were not ill taken.

There's no argument like that of the stick.

There's no making a good cloak of bad cloth.