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To a depraved taste sweet is bitter.

To a hard knot a hard wedge.

To a hasty demand a leisure reply.

To a son-in-law and a hog you need show the way but once.

To a woman and a magpie tell your secrets in the marketplace.

To be a merchant, the art consists more in getting paid than in making sales.

To be like the esquire of Guadalaxara, who knew nothing in the morning of what he said at night.

To be like the tailor of Campillo, who worked for nothing, and found thread.

To beards with money cavaliers pay respect.

To change one's mind is rather a sign of prudence than ignorance.

To eat and to scratch one has but to begin.

To err is human, to forgive divine.

To every evil doer his evil day.

To find oneself in tight breeches. (Ill at ease--we say in tight boots.)

To flee and to run are not all one.

To forget a wrong is the best revenge.

To give is honour, to love is grief.

To him that watches, everything is revealed.

To him who gives you a capon you may spare a leg and a wing.

To love and be wise is impossible.

To mad words deaf ears.

To own is to fear. [Sp., Tener es temer.]

To swim and swim more, and be drowned on shore.

To take ambition from a soldier, is to rob him of his spurs.

To the bold man fortune gives her hand.