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Two of a trade never agree.

Two sparrows on one ear of corn never agree.

Under a bad cloak there is a good tippler.

Under a gold sheath a leaden knife.

Under a good cloak may be a bad man.

Under a tattered cloak you will generally find a good drinker.

Under my cloak I command the king.

Under my cloak I kill the king.

Under the sackcloth there is something hid.

Vainglory blossoms, and bears no fruit.

Visit your aunt, but not every day of the year.

Walk till the blood appears on the cheek, but not the sweat on the brow.

Walk until the blood appears on the cheek, but not the sweat on the brow.

War with all the world, and peace with England.

Water for oxen, wine for kings.

We are as the king, only not as rich.

We are both carriers, and shall meet on the road.

We are not roasting, and already we are basting.

We are not yet roasting, and already we make sops in the pan.

We do not know what is good until we have lost it.

We have no son, and yet are giving him a name.

We have not yet saddled, and are already mounted.

Weight and measure save a man toil.

Welcome, misfortune, if you come alone.

Were you at the wedding, Molly? No, mother, but the bride was very fine.