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When a goose dances, and a fool versifies, there is sport.

When a man is not used to breeches the seams gall him.

When a peasant gets rich, he knows neither relations nor friends.

When an old man cannot drink, prepare his grave.

When drink enters, wisdom departs.

When every one says you are an ass, bray.

When fire and water are at war, it is the fire that loses.

When flatterers meet the devil goes to dinner.

When God gives light he gives it for all.

When God pleases, it rains in fair weather.

When he was born, Solomon passed by his door, and could not go in.

When I was born I wept, and every day brings a reason why.

When ill-luck sleeps, let no one wake her.

When it rains in August, it rains honey and wine.

When it rains in February, it will be temperate all the year.

When love is not madness, it is not love. [Sp., Cuando amor no es locura, no es amor.]

When misfortune sleeps, let no one wake her.

When one door shuts, a hundred open.

When one door shuts, another opens.

When one wolf eats another, thee is nothing to eat in the wood.

When our daughter is married sons-in-law are plenty.

When our enemy flies, build him a golden bridge.

When passion entereth at the fore-gate wisdom goes out at the postern.

When poor, liberal; when rich, stingy.

When the bee sucks, it makes honey, when the spider, poison.