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When the cat's away the rats will play.

When the child cuts its teeth, death is on the watch.

When the corsair promises masses and candles, it goes ill with the galley.

When the devil says his prayers he wants to cheat you.

When the Devil was sick the Devil a monk would be, When the Devil got well, the devil a monk was he.

When the fields yield not, the saints have not.

When the flatterer pipes, the devil dances.

When the fool has made up his mind the market is over.

When the iron is hot, then is the time to strike.

When the prior plays cards, what will the monks do?

When the rabbit has escaped, comes advice.

When the river makes no noise, it is either dried up or much swollen.

When the Spaniard sings, he is either mad or has no money.

When the spleen increases, the body diminishes.

When the steed is stolen, you shut the stable door.

When the summer is winter, and the winter is summer, it is a sorry year.

When there are two friends to one purse, one sings, the other weeps.

When they give you the calf, be ready with the halter.

When they offer you a ring, hold out your finger.

When thieves fall out the thefts come to light.

When thieves fall out, honest men come by their own.

When thou seest thy house in flames, go warm thyself by it.

When we ask a favour, we say, Madam; when we obtain it, what we please.

When we think to catch we are sometimes caught.

When you are an anvil, bear; when you are a hammer, strike.