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When you are at Rome do as Rome does.

When you are on the road speak not ill of your enemy.

When you can't get bread, oat-cakes are not amiss.

When you can't get meat, chickens and bacon are good.

When you die, your trumpeter will be buried.

When you eat new bread, don't drink water.

When you go to a strange house knock at the door.

Where force prevails, right perishes.

Where friars abound keep your eyes open.

Where God has his church the Devil will have his chapel.

Where God sends babbies he sends penny loaves.

Where luck is wanting, diligence is useless.

Where MacGregor sits at the head of the table.

Where man is not, nature is barren.

Where one door is shut another opens.

Where one door shuts another opens.

Where shall the ox go and not plough?

Where the goat leaps, leaps that which sucks her.

Where the heart is past hope, the face is past shame.

Where the sea goes let the sands go.

Where there is love, there is pain.

Where there is no want of will, there will be no want of opportunity.

Where there's fire there's smoke.

Where they eat your meat let them pick the bones.

Where you father has been with ink, go not you with a bag (i.e. what your father has sold and assigned, think not to recover with a bag of papers. In other words, don't go to law for it.