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Where you lost your cloak, seek it.

Where you smart there I will hit you.

Where you think there is bacon, there are not even hooks for it.

Wherever you are, do as you see done.

Wherever you may be, do as you see done.

Wherries must not put out to sea.

Whether it be so or not, husband, put on your hood. (He had told her there was a new law that every man with horns should wear a hood.)

Whether the pitcher strike the stone, or the stone the pitcher, woe be to the pitcher.

Whether you boil snow or pound it you can have but water of it.

Whether you ignore a pig, or worship that pig from afar, to the pig it's all the same.

Whilst the nurse suckles, we love her; when she is of no further use, she is forgotten.

White hands are no offence.

Whither goest thou, sorrow? Whither I am used to go.

Whither shall the ox go, where he will not have to plough?

Who arrays himself in other men's garments is stripped on the highway.

Who gives what he has before he is dead, take a mallet and knock that fool on the head.

Who has no bread to spare should not keep a dog.

Who has time yet waits for time, comes to a time of repentance.

Who is always prying into other men's affairs, leads a dangerous life.

Who is to bell the cat?

Who is to carry the cat to the water?

Who is well seated, let him not budge.

Who is your enemy? A man of your own trade.

Who lends recovers not; or if he recovers, recovers not all; or if not all, not much; of if much, a mortal enemy.

Who talks much, errs much.