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 Horatius Bonar once said...

Blessed night, when first that plain Echoed with the joyful strain, "Peace has come to earth again!" Blessed hills, that heard the song Of the glorious angel-throng, Swelling all your slopes along. Happy shepherds, on whose ear Fell the tidings glad and dear, "God to man is drawing near." Happy, happy, Bethlehem, Judah's least but brightest gem, Where the rod from Jesse's stem, Scion of a princely race, Sprung in Heaven's own perfect grace, Yet in feeble lowliness. This, the woman's promised seed, Abram's mighty Son indeed; Succourer of earth's great need. This the victor in our war, This the glory see afar, This the light of Jacob's star! Happy Judah, rise and own Him the heir of David's throne David's Lord, and David's Son. Let the dayspring from on high. That arose in Judah's sky. Cover earth eternally. Babe of Bethlehem, to Thee, Infant of eternity, Everlasting glory be!

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