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 E. C. Hoskyns once said...

This coherence of the Bible itself, and of the Bible and the Church, is a coherence and a unity set in opposition to the world existing beyond its borders and outside its influence, so that there comes into being a tension between the world as it actually is and the Church, in so far as the Church rests upon the Biblical revelation of God. But this tension is not something that concerns the Church and the world as though they are things which exist outside us and apart from us, which we can consider and observe and discuss and have theories about. The tension between the Church and the world exists within us and is the very fiber of our being, and neither the one nor the other is superficial or trivial. For we are, all of us, of the earth, earthy; and we are also baptized members of Christ and His Church. It is precisely because we belong to two worlds that our lives consist in insecurity -- that we are, in fact, a drama, the final act of which, the judgement of reward or punishment, heaven or hell, is hidden from us.

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