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 Saiom Shriver once said...

FIRE HAS LEFT THE HEARTH Fire has left the hearth Nautilus climbed from shell Perfume flowed from bottle Prisoner gone from cell Butterfly flutterbied cocoon nor hand restrained by glove Jesus away from manger Cage left by Spirit Dove. Sparklings soared away from wand. Chick's egg become the bird. Omkar sung from out the throat Violin's notes now heard. Buddhist temple pine cone tabernacle'd godlet seed Shattered that it might manifest thousand forests of fir tree Eternal snow of mountain top now nurses meadow flowers. Shining never held by sun relentless melts ice towers. Love has left its spring the heart Is now a liquid pond Host stolen from the chalice consumed in mouth of God Starlight abandoned star a billion years ago Left that tonight you might have its sight and know Know Love is forever no drop of God ever dies Lover not bound by form of love God's bodies are not God's souls (to his wife and children on the death of Robert S) (Baba Hari Das: is the author of love is more powerful than lover for love is not bound by form).

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